OML Inc. Introduces RoHS Compliance WR15 and WR12 VNA Frequency Extension Modules

OML Introduces RoHS Compliance WR15 and WR12 Frequency Extension Modules

December 18, 2018. OML introduces RoHS Compliance for its WR15 and WR12 VNA frequency extension modules. These RoHS modules are fully backward compatible with their older non-RoHS counterparts. Your existing Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) can now operate interchangeably with RoHS modules and the older RoHS modules and conduct millimeter wave S-parameter measurements. Connect to your existing network analyzer to display two port S-parameters: S11, S21, S12 and S22. Four architectures are available: 1-port, scalar 2-port, 1-path/2=port and fully reversing 2-port.

The RoHS VNA Series offers you everything our original non-RoHS VNA series offers including the option -A, -RLA, -LOA and -IMD. Option A adds manual adjustable attenuator (0 to 25 dB) to the RF path, option RLA adds amplifier (15 dB gain) in RF & LO paths for drive input of -5 dBm and option LOA adds an amplifier (15 dB gain) in LO path for drive input of -5 dBm. The IMD, intermodulation distortion measurement, is an industry standard technique revealing linearity of an amplifier using a two-tone measurement.

the added RoHS WR15 and WR12 Series complete the RoHS compliance frequency extension modules from 50 GHz to 500 Ghz. OML's innovative millimeter wave frequency extension products can help you with your testing in the emerging application areas of radio astronomy, communication, imaging, biomedical and more.

For more information on all RoHS compliance VNA Series as well as all the options offered for this module please contact OML.


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