Waveguide Calibration Kits are RoHS Compliant

OML, Inc. now offers three tiers of millimeter wave calibration kits that engineers can use to calibrate vector network analyzer for precise S-parameter measurements. The available tiers are Universal (VxxCAL), Standard (VxxCAL1), and Standard plus Sliding Load (VxxCAL2).

In addition, OML is proud to announce the availability of waveguide calibration kits that satisfy the EU Directives on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (popularly known as RoHS compliance). OML innovates by developing the industry’s first eco-friendly waveguide calibration kit that satisfies RoHS compliance directives, rather than seek exemptions.

Compatible with all vector network analyzers, the VxxCAL series of calibration kits contain the waveguide components necessary for S-parameter measurements from 50 GHz to 0.5 THz. The calibration techniques supported include: TRL, SOLT, SSoLo, SSoLs (except WR-02.2), and SSoL. The supported waveguide bands include: WR-15, WR-12, WR-10, WR-08, WR-06, WR-05, WR-03, and WR-02.2.

With fewer components than our Universal Calibration Kit (VxxCAL), the new Standard Calibration Kit (VxxCAL1) is our most economical solution for one and two port calibrations. The VxxCAL1 includes: load, short, ¼ wavelength shim, and waveguide section. For SSoLs calibrations, the new Standard Calibration Kit plus Sliding Load (VxxCAL2) adds an adjustable waveguide load (except WR-02.2). OML now proudly offers three tiers of waveguide calibration kits to support your millimeter wave S-parameter measurements.

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