OML Expands System Configuration Offerings to Support Direct Connect Scenarios

OML introduces a direct connect configuration that supports millimeter wave S-parameter measurements using Keysight’s PNA and PNA-X series network analyzers. This most basic system configuration offers engineers the versatility to connect VxxVNA2 series VNA modules directly to the front panel of a four-port dual-source vector network analyzer (with optional frequency offset capabilities). This configuration is the industry’s most economical millimeter wave system configuration, especially since the system with the VxxVNA2 series modules only relies on the 26.5 GHz network analyzer model.

In this basic scenario, engineers can now purchase entry-level capabilities at a more attractive price and later upgrade their system with higher frequency models and multiport test set controller when necessary. This newly released direct connect configuration supports fully-reversing two-port S-parameter measurements consisting of S11, S21, S12 and S22. Subsets of these S-parameters are also available along with options for power control.

Available in waveguide bands from 50 GHz to 0.5 THz, the VxxVNA2 series VNA modules support a variety of measurement scenarios: test fixture, on-wafer, material, and antenna applications. With the upgrade to N5260 series test set controller, additional functionality is available for mixer, transceiver, multiport, balanced/differential and pulse applications.

A new application note is available detailing the installation and operation procedure for the direct connect configuration. Please contact OML to request a copy of the newly released direct connect application note (reference 41-100528).

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