OML offers a range of complementary accessories fo VNA and source modules; including power adapters, cable and diplexers.

Power Accessories offered include: AC Adapter, 12VDC, 3.3A, DC Adapter, Circular Jack and DC Cable, Circular Jack to Banana Plug.

 The external mixer setup using OML’s harmonic mixer (model MxxHWD) may require the use of an external diplexer (if not already integrated within the spectrum analyzer).Options include:


DPL26: L.O. 2-6 GHz, I.F. DC to 1 GHz

DPL313B: L.O. 3-13 GHz, I.F. DC to 1 GHzPower_Spread_Image_dv

DPL518: L.O. 5-18 GHz, I.F. DC to 2 GHzDPL313B_close-up_ko_sm



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