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OML_IMD_FieldFox_v3_ko_-vsmOML offers innovative millimeter wave frequency extension products for emerging applications spanning radio astronomy, communication, imaging, space research, biomedical and homeland security.

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Available Products By Waveguide Band (GHz)VNA Extension ModuleVNA Calibration KitSignal Generator Extension
Spectrum Analyzer Extension
Specialty Products
Scalar Network Analyzer Converter
Download Brochure VxxVNA2 VxxCAL SxxMS MxxHWD RxxRFT CxxLNC
WR-15 (50-75) V15VNA2 V15CAL S15MS M15HWD R15RFT Contact Factory
WR-12 (60-90) V12VNA2 V12CAL S12MS M12HWD R12RFT
WR-10 (75-110) V10VNA2 V10CAL S10MS M10HWD R10RFT
WR-08 (90-140) V08VNA2 V08CAL S08MS M08HWD Contact Factory
WR-06 (110-170) V06VNA2 V06CAL S06MS M06HWD
WR-05 (140-220) V05VNA2 V05CAL S05MS M05HWD
WR-03 (220-325) V03VNA2 V03CAL S03MS M03HWD
WR-02.2 (325-500) V02.2VNA2 V02.2CAL S02.2MS Contact Factory
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